Custom Calendars Take Your Message Further

What percentage of your advertising budget should you put toward calendar advertising.  Custom calendars are a very low cost advertising vehicle. Most full-color wall calendars can cost as low as $1.25 each.  Desk and pocket calendars cost even less.

* 83% of customer purchased products or services from the advertiser that supplied them with a custom calendar.  Customers demonstrate loyalty to businesses that offer quality promotional gifts

* Visibility for the long run:  On average a person looks at a calendar 12 times each day…84 times a week…in a year that’s over 4380 quality bouncy castle with slide for sale impressions.  Wall calendars hang in very public places either at home on a wall or refrigerator or displayed in a business setting with multiple views throughout the day

* 94% of business people can recall the advertising inflatable water slide for sale message on their calendars.  Commerce and conducting business requires constant gathering and collecting of important dates & information.  Calendar offer at low cost method to do this.


* 85% of home calendar users do business with the firm that supplied their custom calendars.  Consumers are loyal to local businesses

* 50% of all calendars users save their calendars for photos, notes & reminders.  Important information can be saved easily for many years

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