Custom Designed Promo Calendars

Every company utilizes various marketing and advertising methods to attract new customers.  Local retail stores advertise in the city or regional newspaper to announce new products or special sale items.

Large national companies use marketing in the same way, inflatable slide for sale but on a grander scale.  Although they have larger marketing budgets, the goal’s the same.  Bring your message directly to the customer.

Custom designed promo calendars can be the most cost effective advertising tool available.  For only pennies a day, a small or large company can have their message appear 365 days a year directly in front of their customers or prospects.

Promo calendars can offer customer incentives inflatable slide such as monthly discount coupons printed directly onto the calendar.  This a unique way to drive traffic into a store.


Promo calendars provide a wide array of products choices such as commercial style calenders with large date block to write important information, or small pocket calendars which fit easily in a pocket or briefcase.

Every promo calendar has a large ad copy (imprint area) which can contain company names & logo, business address , web site information and branch locations.  At a cost as low as $1.00, promo calendars are inexpensive and cost effective

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