Brand Building with Promo Calendars

How can you stand out from your competitors?  Custom promo calendars are a low cost solution.

Digital printing makes custom inflatable slide for sale calendars & photographs more attainable & affordable.  Many small companies are using their own photos for the calendars.  These promo calendars can be printed in as few as 500 units.

Full color printing is another inexpensive option for promo calendars.  Digital technology permits customers to bring their brand to life with full-color images on the calendar cover or throughout inflatable water slide the calendar pages at a low cost.  Allow full-color printing can make a message pop, some customers prefer a more subtle look with black & white to add specific colors to match their company logo.

yhst-57606263407337_2272_276924Date planners offer a wide variety of impritning methods such as multicolor foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting and personalization.  University’s custom print date planners for incoming students each year.  Each month can have highlights of major university activities with text or full color photographs.  The planners can also be mailed to alumni for fund rasing efforts.

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