Custom Calendars Take Your Message Further

What percentage of your advertising budget should you put toward calendar advertising.  Custom calendars are a very low cost advertising vehicle. Most full-color wall calendars can cost as low as $1.25 each.  Desk and pocket calendars cost even less.

* 83% of customer purchased products or services from the advertiser that supplied them with a custom calendar.  Customers demonstrate loyalty to businesses that offer quality promotional gifts

* Visibility for the long run:  On average a person looks at a calendar 12 times each day…84 times a week…in a year that’s over 4380 quality bouncy castle with slide for sale impressions.  Wall calendars hang in very public places either at home on a wall or refrigerator or displayed in a business setting with multiple views throughout the day

* 94% of business people can recall the advertising inflatable water slide for sale message on their calendars.  Commerce and conducting business requires constant gathering and collecting of important dates & information.  Calendar offer at low cost method to do this.


* 85% of home calendar users do business with the firm that supplied their custom calendars.  Consumers are loyal to local businesses

* 50% of all calendars users save their calendars for photos, notes & reminders.  Important information can be saved easily for many years

Custom Designed Promo Calendars

Every company utilizes various marketing and advertising methods to attract new customers.  Local retail stores advertise in the city or regional newspaper to announce new products or special sale items.

Large national companies use marketing in the same way, inflatable slide for sale but on a grander scale.  Although they have larger marketing budgets, the goal’s the same.  Bring your message directly to the customer.

Custom designed promo calendars can be the most cost effective advertising tool available.  For only pennies a day, a small or large company can have their message appear 365 days a year directly in front of their customers or prospects.

Promo calendars can offer customer incentives inflatable slide such as monthly discount coupons printed directly onto the calendar.  This a unique way to drive traffic into a store.


Promo calendars provide a wide array of products choices such as commercial style calenders with large date block to write important information, or small pocket calendars which fit easily in a pocket or briefcase.

Every promo calendar has a large ad copy (imprint area) which can contain company names & logo, business address , web site information and branch locations.  At a cost as low as $1.00, promo calendars are inexpensive and cost effective

Brand Building with Promo Calendars

How can you stand out from your competitors?  Custom promo calendars are a low cost solution.

Digital printing makes custom inflatable slide for sale calendars & photographs more attainable & affordable.  Many small companies are using their own photos for the calendars.  These promo calendars can be printed in as few as 500 units.

Full color printing is another inexpensive option for promo calendars.  Digital technology permits customers to bring their brand to life with full-color images on the calendar cover or throughout inflatable water slide the calendar pages at a low cost.  Allow full-color printing can make a message pop, some customers prefer a more subtle look with black & white to add specific colors to match their company logo.

yhst-57606263407337_2272_276924Date planners offer a wide variety of impritning methods such as multicolor foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting and personalization.  University’s custom print date planners for incoming students each year.  Each month can have highlights of major university activities with text or full color photographs.  The planners can also be mailed to alumni for fund rasing efforts.

Custom Commercial Calendars

Collins Insurance, established in 1984, is a family owned and operated business located in Idaho.  They provide products and services in the insurance and financial sector.

They offer a wide variety of products and services including personal insurance, liability insurance, auto, home and life insurance.

In 2011, their Marketing Department was inflatable obstacle course seeking alternative advertising opportunities.  New brochures and trade magazine advertisements were created.  Also, a custom printed commercial size custom calendar was designed in 12-sheet-memo-most-popular-2

conjunction with  This popular large custom calendar (18″ x 25″) features big date blocks for quick notations of important information.  The 17″ x 4″ space at the top of inflatable water slide for sale the calendar provides  a huge ad copy area.

This calendar is available in Black/white; Yellow/black; Red/black; Orange/black; Blue/black; Green/black colors.

LogoCalendarsUSA features over 200 styles of custom printed calendars such as wall, desk and pocket versions.