Now is the Time to Start Buying Calendars

Fall calendar buying tips!

Fall is when most “New” orders for advertising calendars occur. This is because as the kids go back to school and the weather starts toddler bouncy castle to cool, businesses start to think about what they will give their customers and employees during inflatable water park for sale this traditional gift giving time of year.

An advertising calendar is an excellent choice for a business person to consider.

Custom calendars are welcomed advertising:  Everyone uses a calendar and most people use 3 at home and 2 in their office.  Advertising calendar recipients view them as a gift because if they do not get a calendar they will go out and purchase landscapes-of-america-2

Custom calendars deliver the message for the advertiser:  “What would you tell your customers or employees every day if you had the chance?” Advertisers have a great opportunity to deliver a message every day using an advertising calendar.

Calendars are present where the buying decisions are made.  An advertising calendar places your client’s business car into the home or office and tells their prospects who they are, what they do and how they can be reached. The calendar silently sells for the advertiser while no competitors are around.

 Advertising calendars are a great value.  When you consider the many number of times your client’s message is viewed over the course of a year and divide that into the purchase price, you arrive at a cost per advertising impression that is just tenths of a cent!


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