Fly Higher with Custom Aircraft Calendars

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 hours in your logbook, every pilot dreams of owning an aircraft. There is nothing better than being able to fly “your” airplane whenever and wherever you want—without ever wondering who was flying or how it was flown before you or just what kind of mechanical shape it’s really in.

Getting to know the inside story of any particular model is important not only when it comes to making the right selection, but also to prevent you from making the all-too-common mistake of buying an airplane at a “bargain” price only to discover that its upkeep is financially staggering.

A vital area to research in an aircraft’s maintenance logs is whether any potentially expensive air worthiness directives (ADs) need to be performed. Often a too-good-to-be-true offering price on an aircraft is explained by the need to inflatable water park comply with a costly AD. A high-time engine can also lower the asking price, but you could face five-figure overhaul expenses soon if the engine isn’t up to snuff.

Partnerships or co-ownerships can be viable options for the first-time buyer.  It’s an inexpensive way to get in, but it does require some additional care in selecting the right partner and doing the right paperwork.

 According the AOPA, there are over 225,000 privately owned general planes in the U.S.  This number has grown by almost 10% in the last 10 years.  Obviously,  general aircraft ownership is more and more popular.

A popular gift for these owners and others interested in air travel are promo airplane calendarsyhst-57606263407337_2272_43215519Large full color promo calendars feature gorgeous crisp photos of many style of airplanes.  These unique appointment calendar are full of the latest flying machines. This high-flying style is a great attention-getter for any advertising message, from flight schools to high-tech, cutting-edge businesses.   Company names and business information can be prominently displayed every month on the promo calendars.

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