Promo Desk Calendars

Walk into any small or large company, and you’ll see workers typing on their computers, working on documents, talking on the phone or having meetings with co-workers. 

The one common standard office equipment is the desk.  On the desk you’ll see important papers, files, magazines, telephones, computers and mail.  And every desk will have a calendar. 

Calendars are available in many different formats; small paper calendars, large memo formats and day-at-a glance.  One of the most popular is the small bouncy castle for sale easel-backed desk calendars.  These small but useful calendars take up almost no space on the cluttered desk top.

These low-cost promo calendars can be custom designed to include a LG_2879_529939customized imprint to include company information such as company name & logo business address, telephone numbers, email address, web  address and any other pertinent business information.

Small desk top promo calendars usually measure about 4″ x 2″ and  have 13 tear-off calendar pages.  Some formats can include extra features such as a flip-style telephone index.  Many style are also available in many color combinations to allow users to match their corporate colors.

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