Custom Perpetual Calendars

In about 63 B.C. the Romans created the first modern calendar system to help with their troop movements.  Using 12 separate months and the cycles of the moon they were able to keep accurate track of important events.  This established a more consistent form of record keeping.

In about 1520, the Church modified the calendar, called the Julian calendar, which is the format used worldwide today.

Business calendars are available is many different formats such as wall, pocket, desk and electronic.  But all of these formats are pre-printed with the months and date.

A non-dated perpetual format calendar allows the user to totally customize the layout. 202 These custom calendars feature a high-gloss permanent finish for easy writing and wipe off using a dry erase marker.  With a 21″ x 13″ size, these calendars provide a very large display with easy-to-read date blocks.

Non-dated perpetual calendars are effective for managing changing work schedules, future projects and deadline schedules.  Information can easily be added , modified or deleted.

Custom non-dated perpetual calendars are an effective marketing tool to offer to business prospects and customers.  Each calendar provides a very large ad copy area which can contain company information.

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