American Drivers Love Custom Car Calendars

Long before American Henry Ford designed the automobile for the masses, Europeans drove and owned some of the most elegantly designed cars in the world.  These cars are highly collectible and many are sold at auctions for as much as $3,000,000 – $10,000,000.

But not every car is worth millions.  In all inflatable park 50 states, large and small automobile club meet each weekend to discuss technical and design enhancements to make their personal cars perform at their peak. 

Periodically throughout the year, 2 major companies hold high-end car auctions.  yhst-57606263407337_2272_57792320These auctions feature old and rare European and American automobiles.    Many cars are over 100 years old and restored to perfection.

A practical promotional tool for these car buyers are full-color custom imprinted car calendars.  These 12″ x 18″ calendars show 13 gorgeous color photos of classically restored cars.  These custom calendars will be viewed and used throughout the year.  This provides maximum exposure the calendar’s sponsor.

Promo Desk Calendars

Walk into any small or large company, and you’ll see workers typing on their computers, working on documents, talking on the phone or having meetings with co-workers. 

The one common standard office equipment is the desk.  On the desk you’ll see important papers, files, magazines, telephones, computers and mail.  And every desk will have a calendar. 

Calendars are available in many different formats; small paper calendars, large memo formats and day-at-a glance.  One of the most popular is the small bouncy castle for sale easel-backed desk calendars.  These small but useful calendars take up almost no space on the cluttered desk top.

These low-cost promo calendars can be custom designed to include a LG_2879_529939customized imprint to include company information such as company name & logo business address, telephone numbers, email address, web  address and any other pertinent business information.

Small desk top promo calendars usually measure about 4″ x 2″ and  have 13 tear-off calendar pages.  Some formats can include extra features such as a flip-style telephone index.  Many style are also available in many color combinations to allow users to match their corporate colors.

10 Reasons To Use Custom Calendars

IN a recent survey, adults were asked about what item in the home or business do you use everyday.  Over 83% said they used an appointment style calendars.  To gain maximum exposure for your business, every business should consider adding a custom calendar to their marketing mix.

The first reason is that custom calendars add visual appeal and offer a colorful display of photographs related to your business.

Second, calendars command a large and prominent area of a wall or desk space.

Third, you can control the distribution so only the most important people or businesses receive the calendars.

Fourth, calendars are very economical.  Full color wall calendars cost as little as 99¢ eachyhst-57606263407337_2272_7909274

Fifth, custom calendars offer unlimited creative design options.  Calendars can include simple or customized imprinted layouts.

Sixth, calendars are used all year.  Calendars remain parque hinchable on the wall for 365 days a year exposing your business information for only pennies a day.

Seventh, calendars have a high perceived value.  With a retail price of up to $20.00 each, your customers will welcome a free calendar.

Eighth, calendars are useful and practical for easy record keeping.


Ninth, business  people use an average of 2.5 calendars

Last, calendars are versatile in size and, layout and design.



Custom Perpetual Calendars

In about 63 B.C. the Romans created the first modern calendar system to help with their troop movements.  Using 12 separate months and the cycles of the moon they were able to keep accurate track of important events.  This established a more consistent form of record keeping.

In about 1520, the Church modified the calendar, called the Julian calendar, which is the format used worldwide today.

Business calendars are available is many different formats such as wall, pocket, desk and electronic.  But all of these formats are pre-printed with the months and date.

A non-dated perpetual format calendar allows the user to totally customize the layout. 202 These custom calendars feature a high-gloss permanent finish for easy writing and wipe off using a dry erase marker.  With a 21″ x 13″ size, these calendars provide a very large display with easy-to-read date blocks.

Non-dated perpetual calendars are effective for managing changing work schedules, future projects and deadline schedules.  Information can easily be added , modified or deleted.

Custom non-dated perpetual calendars are an effective marketing tool to offer to business prospects and customers.  Each calendar provides a very large ad copy area which can contain company information.