Cornerstone Chemical Creates Custom Calendar

The Cornerstone Chemical Company’s Fortier Facility sits on 800-acres in Waggaman, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. The Cornerstone Fortier Facility manufactures high quality products that are used in a variety of everyday applications.  Fortier produces many chemicals that go into goods to make life safer, help improve and protect the environment, improve the productivity of the land and improve the longevity of many articles we use.

They continue to set goals for reducing waste, promoting energy conservation and minimizing emissions to the environment. The Cornerstone Fortier Facility tobogan hinchable has been recognized by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and other organizations for successfully meeting these goals.

Cornerstone also currently meets ISO 14001, RC14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and works to ensure conformity with systems designed to improve environmental stewardship within the facility and community. 

They have a strong program promoting safety awareness and training for all employees. They conduct frequent auditing of all plant areas and safety procedures, perform safety reviews for all new projects and implement uniform standards in all facility operations.

To further the marketing and branding for Cornerstone, ongoing advertising such as custom calendars have been created and distributed to customers and prospects.  One such item was developed in late November 2011.  Cornerstone contacted for ideas and suggestions as to how to design and print a custom calendar.

The Sales team at sent samples and ideas 79331CornerstoneMountLoRes

to the Marketing team.  The final choice was a custom 3-month style calendar.  This 12″ x 29″ custom calendar features a large  imprint ad area that contains Cornerstone’s information such as address web address and phone numbers.  This 14 month calendar is bound with spiral connectors for easy viewing.  A custom photograph of Cornerstone’s headquarters was also featured.  About 300 calendars were printed.



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