Custom Wall Calendars Protects AFA

 AFA Protective Services is dedicated to providing the most reliable systems and service in the alarm industry. Helping protect the lives and property of their customers is a responsibility they embrace and never take lightly. In every endeavor, they strive to satisfy the customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

AFA has high expectations of and encourage their customers to have them too. For well over a century, they have earned the trust of theirr customers through ingenuity, superior workmanship and responsiveness.  Their continual effort to exceed current goals is your guarantee of superior performance and fulfillment of our commitments that are driven to identify hinchables juegos cost savings opportunities for clients. With an intricate proprietary IT system, huge amounts of data are analyzed to ensure invariable forensic audits that, to date, have secured hundreds of millions in client savings.

The largest district for AFA is the New York State area.  The district manager recognizes the importance of always reminding AFA’s clients of their products and services.  One of the most effective marketing tools AFA uses is a custom wall calendar that’s distrubuted free to 350 of AFA’s customers in the New York area.

AFA contracts with Logo Calendars to produce a full size wall calendar that features AFA contact information and addresses of all of the branch offices in the New York area district.  The red AFA logo is prominetly displayed on each page of the custom calendar.


All 4 branch offices are listed on the right hand side with contact information printed clearly for all customers to see.  This 12 page calendar remains with AFA’s customers 365 days a year.



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