Reward Your Customers with Custom Planners

The Abbott Ball Company has a foundation in design and manufacturing innovation that dates back 100 years. The company has always led the industry in development of new processes, products and value-added services for new market requirements. Key to Abbott’s commitment is a partnership with customers: The multitude of products developed with these partners over the years has created new shapes, applications and production processing that enable real growth for customers into new marketplaces.

Abbott Ball manufactures custom steel balls for many industries including automotive, cosmetics, construction, consumer, electronics, jewelry and heavy equipment.

As a reward to it’s 50 best customers, Abbott asked Logo Calendars USA to produce a custom calendar.  Many of Abbott’s customer’s require complex scheduling and appointments so we created a 10″ x 12″ spiral planner.  This 32 page planner features a 2 page spread showing daily calendar blocks with a large area to enter information.  The planners also contain useful business information such as area codes, weights & measures, international exchange financial data and travel facts.  Abbott’s planners features thier name on the cover in a metallic silver embossed logo.


 Our low cost custom calendars are available in 8 colors with a large area for customization.  Each planner can be custom printed with business names, address, phone numbers and email addresses.

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