Reward Your Customers with Custom Planners

The Abbott Ball Company has a foundation in design and manufacturing innovation that dates back 100 years. The company has always led the industry in development of new processes, products and value-added services for new market requirements. Key to Abbott’s commitment is a partnership with customers: The multitude of products developed with these partners over the years has created new shapes, applications and production processing that enable real growth for customers into new marketplaces.

Abbott Ball manufactures custom steel balls for many industries including automotive, cosmetics, construction, consumer, electronics, jewelry and heavy equipment.

As a reward to it’s 50 best customers, Abbott asked Logo Calendars USA to produce a custom calendar.  Many of Abbott’s customer’s require complex scheduling and appointments so we created a 10″ x 12″ spiral planner.  This 32 page planner features a 2 page spread showing daily calendar blocks with a large area to enter information.  The planners also contain useful business information such as area codes, weights & measures, international inflables exchange financial data and travel facts.  Abbott’s planners features thier name on the cover in a metallic silver embossed logo.


 Our low cost custom calendars are available in 8 colors with a large area for customization.  Each planner can be custom printed with business names, address, phone numbers and email addresses.

Support the USA with the Armed Forces Calendar

The United States armed forces protects and defends our nation 365 days a year.  It’s men and women volunteer to serve our country, many times at great risk to their lives.  

Over the past 10 years, thousands of large coporporations and small privately owned companies in the USA have adopted a patriotic spirit, actively supporting carpa hinchable the armed forces by allowing the employees to take leaves of absence to serve in the military.  Others have adopted a new patriotic philosophy.

One of our customer’s that manufacturers all of it’s products in the USA wanted to celebrate it’s American loyalty.  Last October they contacted Mirage Marketing for ideas on custom calendars that could be designed with a military theme.  They also wanted their company name , address and phone number to appear on the calendar. 

We recommended our executive ”Armed Forces Calendar” which features 13 gorgeous full color photos of scenes from all 4 branches of the military – army, navy, air force and marines.   This custom calendar measures 18″ x 24″ , and hangs on the wall 365 days a year.  It’s large high visibility offers our customer dramatic exposure of their business name


Military calendr

The full color calendar is also offered in a smaller appointment style which is ideal for home uses or smaller offices.  Each month features a  dramatic full color photograph showing various military machines such as planes tanks and motor vehicles.

The executive style format shows the custom imprinted information on all 12  months.  The appointment version has the custom information printed on a tab below the calendar page so that it’s visible 365 days a year.

Custom Calendars

For over 30 years Mirage Marketing has been the #1 source of custom calendars.  From wall , desk, pocket, and commercial custom calendars, we deliver the finest imprinted products faster  and less expensive than anyone in the industry.  We are prepared to work with your company to print all custom calendars.


Nobody beats  our price or our service for custom calendars.  We offer dramatic discounts for both large and small quantities. We offer free pre-production proofs for all of our custom calendars to help with your final printing decisions.  Free custom calendars are also provided.


As a family owned small business we provide parque acuatico hinchable quick answers to any questions about your custom calendar order.  When you call our company , you can speak directly with our Sales Manager or owner.


As a direct supplier of custom calendars, your order is processed at our factory with all printing completed in the USA.  And we offer 100% guarantee of your custom calendar order.  Call our Sales Dept. and speak with a knowledgeable person who will careful step through the design and order process for your custom calendars.

Update Sales Techniques

In 2013…competitive markets require updating your sales techniques ….advertising calendars are the best way.  With full color photos and very large imprint areas, you can promote all the services offered by your company


New offerings include:

  • New Items: Our new advertising calendars include popular automotive styles . All pieces in the collection match popular old and new cars.   Our Green Earth custom calendars collection features popular photos of a clean, environment.
  • Advertising calendars carry useful hinchable information about companies and can successfully promote them .

Advertising calendars are free given at the beginning of the year and are used 360 days a year

  • Decorating Expansion: Our advertising calendars are printed with four-color process available on over 300 items
  • Sales Tools:  Free e-samples are available of our advertising calendars These user friendly occasion-based pieces were created with the customer in mind. By utilizing the tool, they can promote themselves to their customers and encourage usage of different products that may not have been considered for specific events.

Beacon Updates Production

ProSource announced today that Beacon Printing , printer of promotional calendars recently increased its capabilities with the addition of a Konica Minolta color bizhub Press and a black and white bizhub Pro, both with variable data printing support. The color press allows Beacon to produce the best color images for promotional calendars in the production print marketplace, while delivering short-run color jobs to fit customers’ tight deadlines. The black and white press, with its increased paper handling and image quality, helps the company tackle any monochrome job.

“Our new presses play a significant role in fulfilling our pledge to our customers: to be a single source for their promotional calendar needs, from concept to design to flexible, top-quality printing,” says Tom Parr, president and owner of Beacon Printing. “Now we are able to handle a broader spectrum of jobs and improve our turnaround time.”

Recognizing the importance of keeping up with technology, Parr began his search for the right promotional calendars provided by the right company. After castillo hinchable considering several options, he chose ProSource, the locally owned provider of office technology and business services. “Service was a key consideration, if our equipment isn’t functioning, our clients suffer,” notes Parr. So he did his homework. “I toured the ProSource facility – several times – and the customer service synergy was obvious.”

Branded Logos

Thousands of promotional calendars  compete for our attention every day. While we may not always consciously recognize their importance, when a change is made to the logo of a brand we love, collective protest is often the result.

Promotional calendars feature prominent business information and company logos and last for a full year

In a much-publicized case a couple of years ago, Gap unveiled a new logo and printed into onto promotional calendars . More recently, they  introduced a logo that represented a stylistic shift castillos inflables from the previous traditional look; the gradient effect on the C quickly became the focus of criticism, even motivating several online petitions calling for a repeal. In both cases, the organizations buckled under public scrutiny and reverted to their original designs.

Clearly we care about logos. But what makes a great logo? And how can you make one that not only stands out, but also cultivates a loyal following?  It’s important that it can be printed onto promotional calendars and other marketing materials

Experts note there are at least three necessary traits: It must be distinct from other logos (especially those of competitors), instantly recognizable (imagine it on a neon sign in Times Square) and legible at all sizes (from promotional calendars to mobile devices). That said, there are many ineffective logos that follow these rules. What sets the great ones apart is that they help audiences connect with the organization’s mission or personality in a meaningful way.

A memorable logo might be deceptively simple. Or it might have multiple levels of interpretation that allow us to fall in love with it over time, as we see it applied to advertising, promotional calendars and websites. And while there is no certainty that a logo will stand the test of time, one way to prevent it from quickly becoming dated is to eliminate unnecessary content and to resist anything trendy.

Norwood Calendars Receives Awards


Norwood (publisher of promo calendars) & BIC Graphic North America’Tampa facilities were one of 13 outstanding companies recognized for sustainable business practices at the Fifth Annual Earth Charter US (ECUS) Sustainable Business Awards.  The luncheon celebrating the awards was held at the University of Tampa on April 12, 2013.

“We congratulate these well-deserving companies who embrace social, economic and environmental responsibilities,” said Herb Goetschius, director and chairman of the ECUS awards luncheon.

Norwood is the nation’s largest publisher of custom promo calendars was awarded in the Large Business Category. Michael Butler, Tampa site manager, accepted the award.

Norwood publishes over 250 styles of promo calendars featuring full color photographs.  Each calendars can be printed with customized business information and are the most widely accepted marketing tool for over 200 years.


“We are very honored to be recognized for our commitment to sustainability,” said Emmanuel Bruno, vice president and general manager of Norwood & BIC Graphic North America.  We are also very proud of our success printing promo calendars for thousands of American companies”